My Bucket List

1. Get back to using Library and read books extensively 

2. Start driving the car again 

3. Finish reading 100 books by August of 2012

4. Publish a Book and become a real author

5. Find a guy whom I can love and who would love me as long as possible

6. Create a real working website

7. Get a Promotion in my office and give a bulb to all the morons

8. Be an Extra in a movie - Just for fun ;-)

9. Swim with dolphins

10. Set up a real business

11. Get a most amazing picture of mine blown up and hang in the wall 

12. Get Proposed in the most amazing way possible

13. Get into shape

14. Run a Marathon

15. Get a Tiny heart Shaped Tattoo

16. Meet a celebrity in real 

17. Shout from the top of a hill/mountain/whatever

18. Sleep in the terrace and stare at the stars

19. Finish all Asterix and Obelix books 

20. Go for a random bus journey 

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